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Aqueous Parts Washers

Cougar Cleaning Equipment offers the most complete line of parts washers and parts cleaning systems in the industry. Our Complete line of standard parts washing systems includes front loading systems, top loading systems, immersion agitation cleaning systems, cellular cleaning systems, Inline washing systems, monorail washing systems, rotary drum (auger) cleaning systems, and heavy duty washing systems.


We offer a complete line of aqueous parts washers for degreasing and cleaning equipment and parts for industrial, automotive, and manufacturing applications. Our cabinet washers, conveyor parts washers, and other industrial parts washers utilize aqueous cleaning solutions that have all the cleaning power of solvent, but are safe to use.


Whether you are a manufacturer, a re-manufacturer, or doing routine maintenance, Cougar has the experience and expertise to meet your washing needs.


Contact a sales representative today for more information about any automatic parts washer.

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