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B 40 C/W walk-behind floor scrubber

Customizable Compact Floor Scrubber

Kärcher’s B 40 W/C Bp battery-operated, walk behind scrubber is the most versatile, full-featured scrubber on the market. Customizable with either cylindrical roller brushes or disc pads, the B 40 W/C Bp provides cleaning paths of either 17 or 22 inches with a Tank-in-Tank system that gives the operator full access to the water recovery tank making the unit suitable for stripping floors and maintenance friendly.



  • Large 10.6 gallon tank capacity provides long working times

  • 33.5" Squeegee width

  • Easy-to-use control panel with ability to program three custom cleaning programs to fit various surfaces or soil levels

  • Tool-free deck head changing allows the B40 W to be converted from a 17” scrubber to a 22” scrubber in a matter of minutes

  • Tank-in-tank system provides complete access to both the clean and recovery water tanks, making the unit maintenance-friendly and also means that the B40 is suitable for stripping floors

Floor Scrubber Walk Behind

BDP 51/1500 C Commercial Floor Machine


Kärcher's BDP 51/1500 C Burnisher provides power and versatility for buffing and polishing or scrubbing and stripping. This single-speed, 1500 rpm burnisher is built to endure the rigorous demand of commercial cleaning with rugged cast aluminum housings rather than poly or stamped frames, and durable, time-tested components. The 5” non-marking caster wheels make it easy to transport around the work site.



  • Quiet V-Belt Drive  

  • 20" burnishing path

  • Low profile design

  • Adjustable handle

  • Flexible pad driver

Floor Machine Buffer
Carpet Extractor

Puzzi 100 - Powerful & Efficient Carpet Extractor


A powerful spray extraction unit designed for easy, efficient deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and textile flooring. The Puzzi 100 is exceptional at many applications, with added features which make using the machine even quicker and easier.


With a powerful 14.5 psi spray rate, the water and detergent solution is applied to the area being cleaned and picked up immediately by the vacuum nozzle.


With the spray extraction method, the water and cleaning agent are sprayed deep into the carpet while simultaneously vacuuming the used solution back again. Soil and dirt are removed in one single pass which helps carpets dry very quickly.




  • Rubber cushioned pump / turbine module

  • Detachable wastewater container

  • Additional adjustable handle on the floor nozzle

  • 2.6 gallon (fresh/dirty) tanks

Floor Scrubber Rider

B 90 R Commercial Rider Floor Scrubber


The B 90 R ride-on scrubber is one of the most versatile ride-on scrubbers available on the market today. Standard with counter-rotating 26” cylindrical scrub brushes that provide pre-sweeping and high scrubbing power, the scrub deck can easily be changed to 22” or 30” deck heads in either cylindrical or disk configurations.  Featuring large capacity water and waste tanks,EASY™ controls as well as tool-free brush removal, the B 90 R is the ideal ride-on scrubber.



  • Large 24-gallon tank capacity provides long working times

  • 26" working width brush, 37" working width vacuum

  • Strong drive motor system provides superb traction on ramps up to 18% gradients

  • Automatic braking engages upon release of the operator accelerator pedal

  • 42,000 sq. ft. per  hour maximum performance

  • Automatic solution stop – solution feed stops when cleaning brushes stop

Air Blower

Commercial Air Blower


Three speed versatility and power reduces carpet drying times by up to 50%


From floor to ceiling our Kärcher AB 84 will quickly dry hard floors, carpet, upholstery, textiles, drapery, even flooded drywall. Everything, including emergency air removal from buildings right up to inflatable playgrounds.



  • 3 speeds of air movement for every type of job

  • A maximum air movement of 3,000 cfm for rapid drying of carpet and hard floors

  • Sturdy, four point motor mount to withstand heavy use and rough handling

  • Built-in carpet clip for flood restoration jobs

  • Three standing positions to direct air at different angles

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