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MiTm HHS Roll Around Hot Water Pressure Washer

HHS Sieries Hot Water Washers:

Rugged series that offers industrial componets in a roll around package.


HHS Pressure Washer Series Electric Powered Oil Heated Belt Drive.  There are 20 additional models available in this series. The HHS Series offers portablilty and reliability suitable for the most rugged applications.


Pressure: 1000 psi to 3000 psi

Flow Rate: 1.2 to 4.8 gpm


Popular Model:

HHS-3004-1E2G   4 GPM  3,000 PSI    Call for Pricing!


Landa HOT Electric Powered Roll Around Pressure Washer

HOT Series is the most economical choice of Landa's electric-powered, diesel-heated hot water pressure washers featuring the heat-efficient horizontal coil. It is also the only line among those with a horizontal coil design that has a true steam cleaner, or steamer—the HOT3-30036D. The HOT boasts many of the same quality components of Landa Landa hot water pressure washers, including a tri-plunger high-pressure Landa pump with 7-year warranty (on most models), Schedule 80 heating coil made of 1/2-inch pipe and easy access to pump and motor.


All of the HOT models weigh less than 500 lbs. and are evenly balanced on four leak-free, tubed, pneumatic tires for easy maneuvering in any terrain. Waffle grips on the two steering bars add to the HOT’s portability.

Specifications:                           Popular Models:

Up to 3.5 GPM, 2000 PSI               HOT2-150024D   2 GPM 1,500 PSI 110V 20 AMPS

Heavy-Duty Motor                         HOT4-20024A   3.5 GPM 2,000 PSI 230V 1PH 25 AMPS

Sch. 80 Heating Coil                          Call for Pricing!

True Steam Model

Hydrotek HD  Roll Around Hot Water Pressure Washer

HD Series Portable Electric, Diesel Fired

Your need for portability and high power are matched by the reliable and easy to use HD Series. It is easily moved to various cleaning sites with its double lift handles. The HD Series features heavy-duty stainless steel frame, handles, panels, and coil protection – offering lifetime corrosion resistance. The belt driven pump runs at low speed for an extended life. The adjustable chemical valve and temperature control with steam setting, operates at full rated pressure for better cleaning to allow many different applications. The heating coil is enclosed in durable stainless steel and is designed to use less fuel, up to 8 hours of operation between refueling. The HD Series power washer provides value long into the future. The HD is ideal for facility maintenance, auto detailing, sanitizing, degreasing, and much more.



  • Pressures from 1000 to 3000 PSI

  • Water flows up to 3.9 Gallons Per Minute

  • Electric Motor 115, 208 and 230 volt options

  • Diesel fired burner

Popular Model:

HD20004E2G  3.8 GPM 2000 PSI 208/230V 1 PH 24 AMPS  Call for Pricing!

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